SPH Marketing

SPH Marketing is an integrated direct marketing and teleservices company that specializes in generating high-quality exclusive sales leads and live call transfers for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales organizations. Since 2002, SPH Marketing has produced thousands of qualified and exclusive sales leads across many business verticals. We offer a Turn-Key lead generation, appointment setting, and live call transfer solutions to complement or replace your company’s current in-house direct marketing initiatives. SPH Marketing helps fill your sales “pipeline” with exclusive sales leads that ultimately translate into more revenue opportunities for your business.

Our Services

Lead Generation

SPH Marketing generates calling data through various proprietary data tools to target each clients prospects.

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SPH can provide an unbiased analysis of your contact center, and deliver high value results focused on your company’s specific needs.

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SPH commits substantial company resources to maintain its compliance with both State and Federal teleservices regulations.

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