Strategic Telecom Consulting

Today’s interconnected business environment is fast-paced, ever-changing, and highly-competitive. As a result, more and more businesses are guilty of mismanaging (and overspending) their telecom budget, as well as making poor investment decisions regarding evolving technologies. With decades-worth of strategic telecommunications experience, SPH can serve as your trusted advisor to help sort through the noise, expense, and confusion. Supporting telecommunications efforts since the mid-1990’s, our associates can assist your organization in making strategic decisions about wireless strategy, mobile strategy, fixed-mobile convergence, and how to monetize new opportunities. Linking strategy with investor return, we can provide you with organizational effectiveness that will change the trajectory of your business.

Telecom Strategic Sourcing

Due to the complex nature of information technology, telecom sourcing has become one of the most misunderstood areas of the IT infrastructure. As such, businesses fall prey to wordy telecom contract renewals, which are sprinkled with “fine print” and hidden fees. Studies have shown that most business overpay on their telecom expenses, with unwanted and unrealized expenses, by nearly 35% each year.

SPH has been providing strategic sourcing to businesses of all sizes (from small boutique consulting/law firms up to Fortune 500 companies) for over two decades. Our maturity in the industry, along with our international contacts, have allowed us to provide our clients with the right technology, that provides them with the best return on investment. Regardless of the complexity of the system, the area of operations, or the bureaucratic “red tape” involved, SPH can help you gain superior results within the shortest time possible.